Freeview is celebrating 15 years this year, but even though it's getting old, the company shows no signs of slowing down and is constantly coming up with new ideas to reinvigorate the service.

There's a chance many of you have Freeview Play installed on your TV but there's an ever greater chance you don't use it, instead choosing to pay for a paid service such as Sky or Virgin Media.

But Freeview Play offers 95 per cent of the most-watched TV through its service and, like the name suggests, is totally free.

Freeview Play also gives you access to Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV (through LG TVs), although you will need to pay for separate subscriptions to these. It means you can ditch that set-top box under the big screen and settle for Freeview Play instead.

What is Freeview Bundle Builder?

The company's newest feature, Bundle Builder (a working title), is a new system that will help you realise if you can watch your favourite programmes through Freeview. Or whether a paid service is better for you. It's due to launch soon and naturally Freeview hopes it'll prove that its free service is more than enough for your TV tastes.

Pocket-lint was given an exclusive heads-up about the new feature, so there's no official announcement just yet, but we were told just enough to get an idea of just how powerful a tool it can be.

Bundle Builder will initially exist as a web tool through the Freeview website, although speaking to John Craske, PR and social media manager, and Owen Jenkinson, marketing director, we found out the company plans to eventually make the tool available through third-party websites too.

How does Freeview Bundle Builder work?

Bundle Builder will ask you what sort of programming you watch and will even let you choose specific shows, movies and sports. It will then tell you if you can watch all of, or the majority of, your selections through the Freeview Play service.

For example, say you like "Blue Planet II" and/or "Peaky Blinders" and it will suggest you don't need to pay money to see them, just watch them live on BBC on Freeview or through catch-up on the integrated BBC iPlayer.

If, however, you watch a lot of Premier League football, it's clever enough to tell you that Sky, BT or Virgin Media could be your best bet. Freeview plans for the service to be even more powerful though, so if you tell Bundle Builder you only watch the odd Premier League game here and there, it will be able to tell you to choose Freeview Play and then buy day, week or monthly Sky Sports passes through Now TV instead.

When will Freeview Bundle Builder launch?

The Freeview team couldn't tell us an exact launch date for Bundle Builder, but it's far enough along the development line to be able to be talked about. We'd like to imagine it will launch in the next few months, once the last few creases have been ironed out.

The addition of Bundle Builder should make choosing Freeview Play over a paid subscription TV service a lot easier and clearer. Buying a Freeview Play device is as easy as watching content on one: all devices have Netflix built in, 90 per cent have Amazon and as we mentioned earlier, Now TV is built into LG TVs, but will be ported to other Freeview Play devices soon.

We'll be sure to update this page as soon as know more about Bundle Builder and exactly how it works, so keep your eyes on Pocket-lint.