Quick, grab your diaries, you’ve got a new date to jot down: 24 October 2012.

That’s the date the UK’s analogue TV era will come to an end, 80 years after the first experimental broadcasts, as the old five-channel system will be switched off for good.

The date will also signal the completion of digital television switchover, which started in 2008, since when millions of viewers have seen coverage boosted with extra channels and clearer pictures.

"The analogue era was a defining period for TV but the fully digital age will be even better, with a greater choice of channels for viewers everywhere. I’m looking forward to October next year when we will have brought the benefits of digital to every corner of the country," said David Scott, Digital UK Chief Executive, on the news of the date.

The UK’s switchover programme started in 2008 and since then many have already lost the analogue signal, however places like London are yet to switch off. London’s analogue service will be turned off on the 4 April 2012.

At its conclusion in 2012, inside the timetable set out by Government, more than 15 million new viewers will have been brought into coverage for Freeview services.