Bought a Freeview HD box or Freeview HD TV recently? Then you’re not alone. According to the latest figures out, the combined total of Freeview HD boxes and TV sold into homes in the UK is about to pass the 2 million marker.

Alix Pryde, the director of distribution at the BBC, confirmed the numbers at this year's Futuresource conference in London, showing that HD is finally catching on in services beyond Sky and Virgin Media.

As the graph shows in the image above, there has been a dramatic increase in adoption of HD content over the past year even though many would argue that Freeview HD only offers a handful of HD channels.

What's most interesting however, is that rather than a specific key moment like the World Cup driving sales, UK viewers seem to be snapping up Freeview HD boxes regardless of what's happening in the world.

In fact the only major spike - if you can even call it that - is Christmas. But as the graph shows, growth has continued at a fast pace throughout the first half of this year long after the 25 December has been and gone.

Freeview HD is hoping to grow further still with many people owning a HD television still yet to upgrade, and the digital switchover coming to fruition in 2012.

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