German company Equinux is all set to unleash its Tizi device, bringing live TV slap bang to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. 

And we're not dealing with internet streaming video content here, we're talking digital Freeview on your iDevice. 

Pocket-lint sat down with Equinux's director of marketing Christian Dallmayer, who explained that the company had decided to jump in to the iDevice accessory market after concentrating on the Apple and Mac solutions market for the last few years. 

And the first device to come to the table is the Tizi, which Equinux describes as “Europe's first mobile TV Hotspot”. 

The Tizi is a small device that you can fit in your pocket, or slip into your bag, and has a flexible antenna that can pick up DVB-T/TNT/DTT programmes wirelessly. 

It has an integrated Wi-Fi module, and transmits its own network which is pre-configured. The signals are decoding using its ARM 9 processor and then beamed (via the free app) onto your Apple device. 

The app allows you to watch the channels available on the Freeview spectrum and, coming soon, you'll also be able to record shows. Dallmayer told us that the app currently in the App Store doesn't support recording but that an update was submitted to Apple last week, so it should land anytime soon.  

The app provides you with a nice GUI of what channels are on offer, and gives you info and synopses of what is currently broadcasting, and what is coming up next. It also supports multi-tasking, so you can have a quick bash of Angry Birds during the adverts. 

It's powered by a Li-Ion battery, that should give you around 3.5 hours of life. You charge via its mini-USB adaptor, and you can leave it plugged in to your PC or Mac for longer viewing sessions. 

Available in the Apple Store now, with a wider release planned for January 2011, the Equinux Tizi will cost you £149.95. 

Pocket-lint will be bringing you a hands on look at the device in the near future, so stay tuned for more Tizi tit-bits.