AverMedia is soon to launch a Freeview TV streaming device that can hook up to PCs and, most intriguingly, Apple's iPad. And, because it contains two DVB-T tuners, two iPads, two PCs, or an iPad and a PC can be connected at the same time.

The HomeFree duet plugs directly into a network router and streams live Freeview pictures to any device with compatible software installed. On a Windows 7, Vista or XP PC, it will work with the company's free AVerTV 6 HomeFree, while iPad users will need to download the HomeFree player application from the App Store for £2.99.

There's full support for Freeview's electronic programme guide (EPG) and digital text, plus the applications on all devices can timeshift (pause, rewind, etc) TV streams.

The iPad version also uses the tablet's touchscreen to great effect, allowing channels to be changed with the swipe of a finger. And, as the Apple device can screengrab natively, viewers will be able to share pics and shots of TV shows on social networking sites like Twitter.

Its "immediately on" feature will also be of benefit: "This solution completes the entertainment picture for the Apple iPad", says Clive Hudson, VP sales for AVerMedia Europe. "It lets users simply switch on, start the HomeFree app, and watch TV anywhere in their home, all easily controlled from the iPad touchscreen and with no need for a separate computer".

The AverMedia HomeFree Duet will be available via Amazon.co.uk from mid-December for £149.99.

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