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(Pocket-lint) - The World Cup this summer means that ITV and the Beeb are going to be pretty football heavy. Take a look at our guide to see just how many games are being shown. AVerMedia has realised that this may bring families to breaking point as arguments about who gets control of the remotes escalate. Sure, it's England v Germany on BBC One in the last 32, but teenage girls might also want to watch Gossip Girl on ITV.

That's where AVerMedia's range of four USB TV tuners will help as they turn desktop PCs and laptops into TVs. You see, AVerMedia isn't just good at getting its upper and lowercase letters all a muddle, they also make USB TV Tuners. 

Rob Livings of AVerMedia said: “During major sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon, PC TV devices are a cost-effective way to avoid family arguments about what channel to watch. They are much cheaper and more flexible than buying or renting a second TV, while giving the advanced viewing and recording features that users expect.”

First up is the AVerTV Volar HD PRO A835 which provides full Freeview capabilities, with EPG and picture-in-picture viewing. It supports up to 1080i / 720p HD, and will cost £34.99.

Secondly there's the AVerTV Volar H830D Video Capture USB, which adds the ability to capture, record and edit HD content at up to 1080i / 720p from games consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players. This one's priced at £59.99.

Thirdly is the AVerTV Hybrid Volar HD H830 which handles both analogue and digital signals. It's also got an FM radio tuner, and is priced at £64.99.

Finally we have the AVerTV A820 DH Plug and Watch USB which works on both Mac and Windows without the need to install any additional software. This one is £49.99.

If you want any of these AVerMedia tuners get yourself over to Amazon or Ebuyer and get yourself one. juSt LikE thAT.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 19 May 2010.