3view has announced the launch of the world's first internet-connected HD set-top box with free-to-air capabilities.   

Ahead of Humax's unveiling of a similarly HD effort, the new set-top box will mean consumers can tune into the coming-soon high definition Freeview broadcasts, rolling out already, with widescale availability planned for mid-2010.

As well as HD Freeview, the connected box will allow access to TV over IP services, let users browse the Web, with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter apps built-in, with an optional keyboard and mouse to make it easier.

With an interactive EPG, the box also works as a home hub (connecting up to your PC for media streaming) and a PVR, with 320GB of storage for recording TV and offers pause and rewind of live TV.

The 3view device will show up - in some cases likely own-branded - from a variety of retailers and high street stores in March 2010. We will keep you posted on availability and pricing.