Elgato has announced that its EyeTV application is now available on the iTunes App Store. The app allows users to watch live TV and recordings over the iPhone, as well as browse the program guide and start recordings remotely.

You'll need the EyeTV 3.2 software, and that only works on Macs, so PC users aren't allowed in. It'll automatically find a Mac on a local network using Bonjour, and can access it remotely via "My EyeTV", a locator utility that's now available - similar to Apple's "Back to my Mac" service.

When you're not on your local network, you can't watch live TV unless you find another Wi-Fi connection, but other than that everything should still work smoothly. It's available on the App Store right now, and will cost you £3. You'll need to get an Elgato EyeTV tuner for your Mac, too, if you haven't got one yet.