Elgato has announced the availability of EyeTV Sat, a TV tuner that'll deliver 1080p HD to your PC or Mac with just the use of a satellite dish. It doesn't require a Sky subscription.

The EyeTV Sat connects to your satellite dish, and to a USB port on your computer. It can receive DVB-S and DVB-S2 transmissions, and lets you watch, record, and edit HDTV using the accompanying software.

There's also an integrated CI slot for satellite Pay TV, but you'll want to double-check with whoever provides your subscription as to whether the relevant smartcard will work - BSkyB's don't.

The accompanying software - EyeTV 3 for Mac, and TerraTec Home Cinema for Windows - lets you drop recorded TV shows into iTunes and stick them on your iPod, or share across a network.

The EyeTV Sat is shipping now from the Elgato website, and costs £180. Pretty soon, it'll be available from Apple stores and Mac resellers too.