The EyeTV DTT Deluxe was first but now Elgato has updated the rest of its USB TV tuner stick range.

The EyeTV Hybrid, EyeTV Diversity and EyeTV DTT are now slimmer and more "feature rich".

First up - the EyeTV Hybrid has had a major overhaul and now includes FM radio, which can be recorded in the same way as TV.

It supports both DVB-T and DVB-C. Plus analogue TV, and analogue input, which means it can be used to connect cable or satellite receivers, archive video from old analogue media, or record live from gaming consoles.

The new EyeTV Diversity consumes less power than before, making it better for mobile use.

It still has dual digital tuners, which use Antenna Diversity technology to make the best of poor signal strength by combining two signals.

If you have a rooftop antenna, the new splitter cable feeds the signal into each of the two tuners, which means you can watch and record two live TV shows simultaneously.

It also ships with two smaller tilt/swivel antennas.

And last up is the new slimline EyeTV DTT, which can be used without blocking the other USB ports.

Despite its new diminutive size, it sports a full size antenna socket, so there’s no need for an additional adaptor.

The EyeTV Diversity is available now for £79.95.

The EyeTV DTT and the EyeTV Hybrid will be available in August priced £39.95 and £99.95 respectively.