Elegato has launched the Eye TV 250 Plus - a digital and analogue TV receiver together with a hardware encoder in one device.

It delivers free-to-view digital television (DTT, or Freeview) to your Mac, as well as conventional analogue TV via standard cable or aerial.

It boasts a powerful hardware encoder for higher quality recordings and smaller sized video files and offers a complete solution for converting videos from VHS tape to DVD-Video.

The included EyeTV software enables you to:

- Watch TV on your Mac
- Rewind, fast forward, and pause live digital TV
- Browse EyeTV menus in Full Screen mode with an Apple Remote
- Record hours of your favourite TV shows directly on your hard drive and edit out unwanted content
- Find TV shows and schedule recordings using the built-in Program Guide
- Export clips and entire episodes to your video-capable iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone
- Store your collection on an external drive, or burn it to disc using Roxio Toast 8 Basic

The EyeTV 250 Plus is available now for £139.95 at Apple Stores or online, the Elgato Online Shop, as well as through resellers.