Perhaps to steal a bit of thunder from Miglia, who just announced a TV tuner for the MacBook Pro, DiBcom and Elgato have announced their own TV tuner for Mac, the EyeTV Diversity, although it won’t be available until later this year.

The paring hooks up the maker of the DIB7700-P chip that combines DVB-T reception with a USB2.0 interface, and the developers of the EyeTV 2 software, which facilitates recording and editing TV broadcasts on the PC.

EyeTV software is also bundled with the new Miglia TVBook Pro.

DiBcom’s technology relies on Dual Antennas to improve the indoor coverage are up to 50%, by allowing a weak signal to be amplified through internal reflection. The company’s newest chip also combines a 3-band tuner with DVB-T.

DiBcom and Elgato will be discussing their latest venture at the Apple Expo in Paris this week.