Elgato has unleashed its latest EyeTV product - the Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat - bringing with it HD satellite to your PC and direct streaming from the device to your iPad or iPhone via the EyeTV app.

Previously, you would have had to have had your PC turned on to get some streaming iOS action, but not anymore.

EyeTV Netstream Sat is a network tuner for free-to-view satellite TV - therefore it provides all the goodness that you'd expect with Freesat.

The device connects to your satellite feed and sends the signal through your router. It streams the signal live, and in HD, to any computer in your home network. It streams any SD content to the EyeTV app on your iDevice (or at least it will once iOS 4.2 goes live).

It supports auto-discovery via UPnP and Bonjour and ships with the EyeTV 3 software. It also works with Windows 7 via Media Centre.

Priced at £189.95, EyeTV Netstream Sat will begin shipping on 22 November. You can buy direct from Elgato at Elgato.com or most Mac retailers. The EyeTV app version 1.2 is available at the App Store for £2.99.

APP OF THE DAY - Elgato Eye TV for iPad and iPhone