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(Pocket-lint) - EE has announced its biggest update to EE TV since the launch of the service in late-2014. The update brings more flexibility and personalisation to EE's TV service, which is one of the most dynamic TV offerings currently available.

One of the biggest elements is a new section called My TV. This can be renamed to whatever you want it to be - Andrew's TV for example - and the idea is to increase the personalisation so you get to see your favourite content and shows you've recorded in your EE TV app. 

But this personalisation goes further, integrating content on the mobile device you're using, so you can send your photos or personal videos to your TV. That means you can show your holiday snaps or play that funny video clip you've been sent all on the big screen.

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Cleverly, these personalisation functions apply to each mobile device you set them up on, so each person in the household gets to customise their EE TV experience on their phone or tablet. Additionally, if one person has set something to record, it can't be deleted by another person. 

There's also the addition of a solid second screen experience. Called Companion Screen, this lets you open up more information on what you're watching, with better controls, but also the ability to share it socially.

The relevant hashtags are sourced from Twitter so you can join the conversation when watching a programme. You can also use a new function that EE is calling Fetch. This will let you instantly move playback to your mobile device, if you want to go to bed for example. It is the opposite of the existing Flick function.

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There's also a search function in the app. This will let you type in what you're looking for and save you having to scour through the EPG. You can then find what you want and watch or set a recording. 

Finally, EE TV is adding more on-demand channels, including MUBI, alongside other international options.

There's no sign of Netflix, however, with EE telling us that conversations were still ongoing, as they are with ITV Player and All4, which are still missing from the EE TV service.

EE has been enjoying gains in its broadband service, with nearly 1 million customers signed up. EE TV is only available to those taking EE's broadband service and the pricing all remains the same as it was before.

The update will be rolling-out to boxes and apps on 25 August, for all EE TV customers.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 19 August 2015.