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(Pocket-lint) - Dolby and Vestel have announced a partnership that will see the former's Dolby Vision HDR TV technology arrive on all of Vestel's Ultra HD TVs, including OLED.

If you're not familiar with Vestel, it's a Turkish company that owns several TV brands, including Finlux, Sharp and Toshiba. By integrating Dolby Vision technology into these TV sets, the HDR technology will be a lot more affordable to consumers.

Up until now, Dolby Vision has been reserved for more expensive TVs from the likes of LG and Sony.

You can read more about Dolby Vision in our guide here, but on a basic level, it's an HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that Dolby controls from start to finish. Dolby therefore controls the metadata so TV manufacturers, such as Vestel, can produce compatible equipment to read it and present it exactly as intended.

Dolby Vision also offers greater colour depth and brightness than HDR10, which further adds to the accuracy of the picture you see.

As for Dolby Vision content that you will be able to watch on Vestel's new TVs, well there are a selection of 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays that support the format, as well as several TV series on Netflix.

We expect the amount of content to be supported only grow as time goes on and deals partnerships such as this one with Vestel will only serve as a catalyst.

Writing by Max Langridge.