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(Pocket-lint) - Home cinema buffs who have already invested in AV receivers with Dolby Atmos support have struggled to find natively recorded content in the format's relatively short life so far, but it looks like a corner has been turned.

HBO has decided to remaster series one to four of Game of Thrones to include the extra height channels and is putting the Dolby Atmos mixes onto special edition Blu-ray box-sets.

Each series comes in a steelbook case designed by the company behind the show's opening credits and no doubt will have all manner of behind-the-scenes footage and commentary, but it is the inclusion of the rare expansive audio mix that makes them most exciting.

Dolby Atmos increases the sound field by adding two or more extra channels, in the house at least, that are served by either speakers either housed in the ceiling or at the front of the sound stage firing up (so that the audio bounces off the ceiling and back down to the listening position). This, in effect, creates more of a bubble of sound rather than a circle.

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Receivers such as Onkyo's 2014 and 2015 ranges, including the TX-NR838, are capable of decoding the Dolby Atmos track and separating the channels accordingly. They also replicate a virtual form of the technology for conventional surround sound but it is far better an experience when the original recording has been mixed especially.

There are no UK prices for the box-sets at present, but they will be released from 3 November, with seasons one and two to arrive first.

Writing by Rik Henderson.