Dolby has announced that it is finally ready to bring Dolby Vision to market. The television technology has been discussed and touted for a while, but companies such as Sharp and TCL are expected to release supported sets later this year. Prototype TVs from both are being shown at CES 2014 this week. 

Dolby Vision technology is designed to reproduce the colours and brightness originally recorded when TV shows and movies are made. It is an end-to-end solution, ensuring that material is made in Dolby Vision and then finally reproduced faithfully on a compatible TV set.

It is supported by Hollywood directors, studio executives, TV manufacturers and operators worldwide, says Dolby.

The Dolby Vision TVs will include Ultra HD 4K models and manufacturer TCL Multimedia claims this will help increase the adoption of the higher resolution format. "By dramatically enhancing picture quality, Dolby Vision will drive adoption of UHD 4K displays with a winning combination of more and better pixels," said its vice-president Hao E.

Content delivery deals with Netflix, Amazon Instant, Vudu and Xbox Video have also been announced, with Dolby Vision video streams being prepared by each.