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(Pocket-lint) - Not satisfied with pioneering amazing sound delivery with Dolby Atmos, Dolby is now also moving to screens. It’s new pet project aims to deliver a super screen with a brightness that’s never been seen before. It's also working on glasses-free 3D that actually works.

Dolby says the screen development will help to create a 4000nits screen which, compared to current 100 nits efforts, will dazzle the viewer with its realism. The model displayed at the event where it was announced  was compared to a 1080p TV: both had the same resolution, but the screen was considerable better with brighter colours, higher dynamic range and intense colour sensitivity. Whites were white and metallics were shiny - the sun actually made you squint.

In a way Dolby has stuck to the mindset of sound but applied it to visuals. So where an MP3 has the top and bottom end cut off to save space at the cost of quality, a 100 nits image has to distribute that number evenly, meaning a red bus for example, won’t be as vibrant as it should be.

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The cost of this powerful clarity is four times as many LEDs and a liquid cooling system to keep it running. So it won’t be cheap to run and likely the same will go for buying. This could even be added to 4K screens - meaning a huge jump in quality.

As if all that were not enough, Dolby also announced a partnership with Philips to create better glasses-free 3D screens. While nobody has got this quite right yet the new partnership is promising, as the demoed screen delivered depth even as you moves around the room.

Dolby says glasses-free 3D TVs will go on sale next year at around the same price range as 4K TVs. The high nits display will probably appear at CES in January, so check back for more details soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.