The cinema world is going three dimensional, but what movies should you be calling in the babysitters or favours to watch? We take a look at the ones that should be on your list. So grab your glasses, jump in the car and get ready to head to the cinema - these are just some of the movies you'll be wanting to watch in 3D in the coming months.

Disney's Up is actually Pixar's Up and is the latest animated movie from the studio that brought us Wall-e. Judging by trailers, people who've already seen it and the fact that it's the same guys that bought us Wall-e this should be "awesome".

Burton, Depp, the Cheshire cat and a croquet game involving flamingo's. If Burton gets this right, and there is no reason to think that he won't then this is likely to be a must see for 3D fans. Burton has already experimented with The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D so this isn't new ground he is trying to master.

No trailer out yet unfortunately, however what we can say is that Dreamworks' cheese Jeffery Katzenberg is one of the main activists in the world of 3D cinema so it's unlike to be a dud. Think Apple CEO Steve Jobs level of involvement. If this fails then there is no hope for the world of 3D.

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Why just settle for bringing out a new Toy Story in 3D when you can bring out the first two as well. That's what's happening here with the original and the follow-on both getting the 3D treatment in time for the "Holidays" expect any children you know to be wanting a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas (again).

The trailer tells you absolutely nothing about what happens in the film. What it does tell you is that you are going to have to wait till Summer 2010 to see the film. Expect this to be one of the big summer blockbusters.

Taking the same graphical effect used in The Polar Express and Beowulf, this is life action cartoon and 3D. The possible worrying element is the casting of Jim Carey as Scrooge (Bill Murray is still our favourite), still with a kick arse budget and Back To The Future's Robert Zemeckis behind the helm it is bound to entertain family's looking for something a little extra in the cinema.

Fast bikes, computer hackers and probably the longest wait of all the movies here. That's right you'll have to wait till December 17 2010 before you'll get a chance to see this.

The supposed swansong of the 3D cinema movement with director Cameron telling us that this will change cinema forever. What can you expect? Live action rather than cartoons characters bouncing on the screen, oh and plenty, and we mean plenty of action.

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