Wall-E has become the biggest selling animated Blu-ray disc of all time as overall the disc release tally hits 1000 in the UK.

Blu-ray discs have counted for more than one in ten Wall-E sales, apparently a higher BD-flavoured percentage than Ratatouille and Kung Fu Panda.

Wall-E's Oscar win for "Best Animated Feature" at this year's ceremony is suggested as partly the reason sales have been high.

"Once you see Wall-E in high definition, you can understand why it has outshone many other titles in the Blu-ray sales stakes. It looks phenomenal and the viewing quality has to be seen to be believed", says Chas Ort, in marketing for Walt Disney Studios.

"We're thrilled that a family title is doing so well with its Blu-ray sales. Our experiences with VHS and DVD suggest that once family titles such as Wall-E start selling well on new Blu-ray, it won’t be much longer before everyone is choosing Blu-ray".