It seems Disney is attempting to boost its Blu-ray disc sales by introducing a new strategy that will see must-have, pester-power movies launched on the high def format before they see a DVD release.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is staggering the DVD and Blu-ray disc launch in the States of two forthcoming, high profile titles.

"Bedtime Stories" will be released on Blu-ray on Sunday, 5 April, a full two days before the standard-definition edition street date of on 7 April.

Similarly, "Bolt" will debut on Blu-ray 22 March and on standard DVD on 24 March.

Studio "sources" have indicated that they wanted to give the Blu-ray format a boost with this head-start approach.

US site Video Business states: "The thinking is that, by holding back the DVD, consumers who want to see Bolt early will be encouraged to trade up to Blu-ray".