Disney has unveiled ambitious plans to bring BD-Live to all its future Blu-ray titles, beginning with the October debut of "Sleeping Beauty".

The entertainment company had previously revealed its intent to utilise the many extras that BD-Live offers, but has now taken that a step further by stating that web-based interactivity will be a "cornerstone" of its high-def strategy.

At a press event in the States, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment previewed the BD-Live features on "Sleeping Beauty", that include Movie Mail, Movie Chat, Movie Challenge and Movie Rewards.

BD-Live-enabled Blu-ray discs feature advanced interactivity, including live web-enabled and picture-in-picture bonus features.

Almost all Blu-ray players currently on the market both in the US and the UK do


offer support for BD-Live - although the PlayStation 3 does.

"We are making our entrance grand", said studio president Bob Chapek. "Every subsequent Disney title will have BD Live. [This may] push the studios to reach new heights that have never been before imagined."

Disney is planning a massive marketing program to promote the benefits of BD-Live to US families similar to the mall tours the company ran to promote Blu-ray.

"You will see BD Live demos across the country", said Chapek. "We will talk about [BD Live] benefits. This is not just technology for technology's sake."