Disney's "Magical Blu-ray Tour", sponsored by Panasonic, is due to visit 18 malls for 3-day runs in America.

This latest move in the high-def format war takes the battle away from the statistical pie-chart pie-slinging we've mostly seen so far and out on to the streets.

The show, which is described as "lavish" comes complete with "towering" widescreens, interactive video-game and movie stations, and even a mini movie theatre.

Inside the theatre will be hourly presentations on high-definition and Blu-ray technology apparently tying the technology to Walt Disney's "legacy of imagination".

In addition, kiddies will be shown excerpts of Disney movies on Blu-ray discs and players including "Cars" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

It's an interesting move from the Blu-ray lot and it should be interesting to see how the HD DVD group respond.

Similar tours with clowns and acrobatic displays by specially trained little people juggling HD DVD players might be a start...