Walt Disney has announced that it has sold nearly half a million digital films through Apple's iTunes music store since their debut in September.

The results have, the company told investors during its fiscal fourth quarter conference, netted Disney around $4 million in sales.

The news however shows that interest has dropped considerable from the first week where Disney's Co-CEO Robert Iger said that the company has sold 125,000 movie downloads that racked up $1 million in revenue in the first week.

On the back of the latest news, the company is keeping to it original estimation that it expects to generate a further $46 million for the rest of the year just on digital downloads.

Although lots of television studios have signed up to the iTunes movie store, Disney is currently the only studio to offer digital versions of its films via the Apple service.

Following the success of the 75 movies currently available Disney has also announced plans to make its latest Pixar animated movie Cars, and the summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest available in the near future.

Meanwhile the UK is still waiting to get even its first television show or movie via the UK iTunes store.