Disney has released figures for the first week of movie downloads through the new iTunes movie download store.

Walt Disney Co-CEO Robert Iger said that the company has sold 125,000 movie downloads that racked up $1 million in revenue in the first week.

Disney is currently the only studio offering movies through iTunes, and has released 75 of them, including “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”, “The Princess Diaries” and “The Rock”.

Iger expect movie downloads to generate $50 million in revenue in the first year.

Currently, film downloads are only offered in the US through iTunes, and cost up to $14.99 for a full-length feature, although most are on sale for $9.99. It’s not known when movie downloads will be rolled out in the rest of the world.

According to Apple, a 5MB/s broadband connection will let you download a movie in about half an hour.