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(Pocket-lint) - Disney+ has marked the beginning of the Christmas season not with a newly-opened advent calendar like most of us, but with some welcome additions to its lineup of TV and movies - in particular, adding the original Die Hard, making the whole franchise available for people to enjoy.

If that timing seems a little random to you, it's probably because you think Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie despite the mounds of evidence demonstrating that it very much is. Either way, you're getting access to a bunch of fun action movies.

The iconic movies see Bruce Willis take on the role of John McClane for a series of escalating stunts and fights, but we're not sure they ever get better than that first outing, facing down Alan Rickman's superb Hans Gruber at the Nakatomi Plaza.

You'll be able to judge for yourself now that they're all on Disney+, though, as well as giving you the chance to count the Christmas trees, decorations and mentions in the background of the first movie. Disney even commissioned a YouGov poll to settle the question of its Christmassy-ness, with a slim majority actually voting to decree it NOT a holiday film.

Still, don't let a little bit of democracy like that get in the way of your own ridiculously strong opinions, that's what we say - believe what you want!


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.