Every Marvel movie and show to watch before Hawkeye debuts on Disney+

This film allows Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) to enter the MCU. It also introduces Thor, Loki, and all of Asgard, of course, so don't expect a tonne of Hawkeye. (image credit: Marvel)
In The Avengers, Hawkeye starts stealing scenes from the heavyweight heroes. The film also reveals a special connection between Barton and Natasha Romanov. (image credit: Marvel)
Here we get Barton's backstory. He lives a normal life with a wife and three kids. He also has a huge role in helping Wanda Maximoff become an Avenger. (image credit: Marvel)
In Civil War, The Avengers break up and take sides. This momentarily pits Black Widow and Hawkeye against one another, as they take opposite sides. (image credit: Marvel)
The opening scene reveals a Barton family BBQ. Unfortunately, it's spoiled by Thanos. Barton then becomes a murderous vigilante, but Natasha pulls him back. (image credit: Marvel)
While Hawkeye isn't in this show, it has another character: Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. In Black Widow, she puts Hawkeye in someone's crosshairs. (image credit: Marvel)
This also doesn’t feature Hawkeye, but it references his and Natasha’s past. And Natasha’s sister, Yelena, is told Hawkeye is responsible for Natasha's death. (image credit: Marvel)
OK, so this one is odd, but hear us out: Rumours point to the villain of Netflix's Daredevil, Wilson Fisk, making an appearance in the Hawkeye TV show. (image credit: Netflix)

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