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(Pocket-lint) - With the Star section of Disney+ offering a selection of 15+ and 18+ shows and movies in supported regions, including the UK and Europe, you might want to better familiarise yourself with the parental controls.

Disney+ users with Star are advised to set up restrictions for each profile on their accounts (if needed). Here's how.

Understanding the Disney+ parental controls

It is worth noting that you cannot set or change parental controls using the Disney+ TV app. It can only be done through disneyplus.com or on mobile devices. However, it is very simple to do and can be set differently for each profile.

Setting Disney+ parental controls for new users

- If you are a new user, you will be prompted to set up parental controls when you first sign up and create profiles.

- You will be asked to "opt in" if you want to access mature content. Saying "yes" will set a profile to an 18+ rating and give access to everything on Star. Saying "no" will automatically set the profile to 14+.

- You will also need to set a PIN code for your profile.

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- Once parental controls are switched on, you will then be required to set an age rating for each additional profile on the account. There are seven in total: 0+, 6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+, and 18+. Each limits viewing to shows and movies rated that certification and below.

- The default rating is 14+. The PIN holder can change it at any time by visiting settings.

- You can have seven different profiles assigned to one Disney+ account.

- A specific Kids profile still exists, which limits content to shows and films rated 7 and below. It also has a slightly different design, so is easier to navigate for younger viewers.

How to set up Disney+ parental controls for existing users

- Using the Disney+ website or mobile app, tap on the profiles icon (top-right on a web page, bottom-right on the app) and choose "`Edit Profiles".

- Now tap on the profile you want to edit and you'll get a page of settings you can adjust.

- You can tap the "Kid's profile" slider if you want to restrict the user to content appropriate for all users. Alternatively, tap the "Content rating" option.

- Enter your Disney+ password when prompted.

- The next screen will give you the same list of age ratings as for new users above. Tap on the one that's most appropriate for that profile and then hit save.

- You can repeat the steps for each profile on the account.


Writing by Rik Henderson.