(Pocket-lint) - Mulan hits Disney+ on 4 September 2020, but the live-action remake won't be "free" for subscribers to watch on the streaming service. Instead, you'll need to unlock it with an add-on service called Premier Access.

Disney first announced Mulan would be a Disney+ streaming exclusive during an earnings call in August, when Disney CEO Bob Chapek told analysts that the company “thought it was important to find alternative ways to bring [Mulan] out in a timely manner". The film was originally scheduled to have a worldwide theatrical release, but the pandemic thwarted those plans.

Here's what you need to know about Premier Access, including how to use it to stream the premiere of Mulan from the comfort of your couch.

What is Disney+ Premier Access?

When Disney+ launched, it had one tier: For $6.99 a month, you could access all movies and shows on the streaming service.

However, starting 4 September 2020, Disney+ is introducing Premier Access. This premium add-on lets you access some content that has been locked behind a paywall. Initially, it will only be used for Mulan, but we could see Disney+ using it for other releases in the future.

How much does Premier Access cost?

Since Disney+ is currently only using Premier Access for Mulan, we can only tell you pricing details for that feature film.

Disney+ will offer Premier Access to Mulan for $29.99 on disneyplus.com and in the Disney+ app on select platforms. Disney+ subscribers will not only have to pay the one-time Premier Access fee to watch Mulan but also Disney+'s monthly $6.99 subscription cost.

Premier Access will be available for Mulan until 2 November at 11:59pm PT. The film will then go "free" for all Disney+ subscribers on 4 December.


How to use Premier Access to watch Mulan

You’ll need to start with a subscription to Disney+ to watch Mulan. Then, you can go to the Mulan page where you’ll see the option to buy the film.

  1. Log into Disney+ at disneyplus.com
  2. Select Mulan (either by searching or from the home screen)
  3. Click GET PREMIER ACCESS (gold button below the title)
  4. Confirm the payment.
  5. You will return to the main screen and have the ability to select PLAY.
  6. Click PLAY to begin streaming Mulan with Premier Access!

Note: You can watch Mulan on any device linked to your Disney+ account.

How long will you have access to Mulan?

Once you have Premier Access to Mulan, you can watch it as many times as you want on Disney+.

Your access will continue as long as you're a Disney+ subscriber. It'll only be locked under the add-on for a couple months, too. If you don't want to pay the $30 to stream Mulan, just wait a few months. The film is set to go free for all Disney+ subscribers from 4 December 2020.

Can you watch Mulan on other platforms?

Disney said Disney+ will offer Premier Access to Mulan on disneyplus.com and "select platforms", which likely means distributors - including Apple, Google, and Roku - will offer the ability to stream the live-action remake for a similar fee.

Want to know more?

Check out Disney+'s FAQ page to learn more about Premier Access. For more about Disney+, see our guide here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.