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(Pocket-lint) - The new remake of Mulan is one of the many films that were fully ready for release when the global health situation unfolded earlier this year - like Christopher Nolan's Tenet, it's quite literally just been waiting for an opportune moment to release, ideally in cinemas.

It would seem that Disney has decided that the moment isn't likely to come, or at least isn't going to do so in a predictable way, and will release Mulan on Disney+ on 4 September, which sees it follow in the steps of Hamilton as a major release for the streaming platform.

However, there's a key difference - Mulan won't be free. It's going to cost $30 in the US for permanent access to the film, which will be yours for as long as you're a Disney+ subscriber. That might sound like a different quality of deal depending on your situation.

If you've got a family, that's probably a saving compared to four or five tickets to an actual showing of the movie, which is likely Disney's thinking. Of course, if you're on your own and want to watch Mulan, this might feel a bit like a steep price.

We also don't yet know how the price will change internationally, although Disney's earnings call said it would only vary "slightly", so we wouldn't get our hopes up. 

It would also seem that in territories where the film can't be accessed on Disney+ there will still be theatrical releases, so this looks like it'll be an interesting, phased rollout around the world. 

While Tenet is another example that will still be heading to theatres eventually, in late August here in the UK if all goes well, it will will be interesting to see how Mulan fares with this new release plan. 


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.