(Pocket-lint) - Much has been written about the UK and mainland European launch of Disney+ on 24 March, but one thing has emerged that might curb a little of the excitement. Its arguably biggest attraction, The Mandalorian, will not be available to stream in its entirety on day one.

Instead, it has been revealed that Disney plans to add episodes to the platform weekly - much like it did after the US launch at the tail end of last year.

As noted on its official UK Twitter feed, Disney+ will release the first episode on launch day and then roll the out over the following weeks.

The reason is obvious. It is possible that there will be a brief trial period for new Disney+ subscribers and if all episodes of The Mandalorian were available from the off, you could binge the whole lot then unsubscribe without paying a penny. Even if there is no free trial, you could do the same and then unsubscribe after the initial £5.99 is paid.

That wouldn't be great for Disney, as it would rather not have such a tail-off in subscribers from the start of its European launch.

It just comes as a disappointment when the entire season has been available to view in the US and, strangely, the Netherlands - which served as a test bed for the service - for a while.

Still, good things come to those that wait and, as we reported earlier, you can get a big discount on a year's subscription to Disney+ if you pre-order by 23 March 2020. That way you can see all of The Mandalorian for less.


Writing by Rik Henderson.