Upcoming Marvel movies: Every new MCU film and TV show in the works

The series will feature the sharpshooter training a new female Hawkeye named Kate Bishop. (Release date: 24 November 2021 on Disney+.) (image credit: Disney)
The Eternals are an offshoot of humanity and immortal. They each have different powers and were Earth’s original protectors. (Release date: 5 November 2021.) (image credit: Disney)
The film is shaping up to be a doozy. Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield may reprise their own versions of Peter Parker. (Release date: 17 December 2021.) (image credit: Disney)
Muslim Pakistani-American from New Jersey. She's become one of the largest recent successes for Marvel comics. (Release Date: 2022 on Disney+.) (image credit: Disney)
This story is rumoured to center around something happening within the Marvel Universe, perhaps started by Wanda in WandaVision. (Release date: 6 May 2022.) (image credit: Disney)
Chris Hemsworth is slated to return, but he's no longer the star. Instead, he'll hand the Mjolnir to Jane Foster. (Release date: 8 July 2022.) (image credit: Disney)
This is expected to dive into the wider world of Wakanda. Marvel won't recast Chadwick Boseman's character due to his death. (Release date: 11 November 2022.) (image credit: Disney)
James Gunn will direct the Disney+ Special that will see the main cast of both Guardian's films return. (Release date: December 2022.) (image credit: Disney)
Captain Marvel is one of the newest Avengers. There's loose ends from the first film that could provide the story for another. (Release date: 23 February 2023.) (image credit: Disney)
This could have the Guardians looking for Gamora. Or it could reveal Adam Warlock, who was previewed at the end of Guardians 2. (Release date: 5 May 2023.) (image credit: Disney)
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will reprise their Ant-Man and The Wasp roles. Interestingly, Kang The Conquer might appear. (Release Date: 28 July 2023.) (image credit: Disney)
Forget all the previous films. Marvel reacquired the rights to add the foursome to the MCU. It's unknown what we can expect. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson will get his own big-screen adventure now that he's the new Captain America. (Release Date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
The first move Mahershala Ali made after winning an Oscar was to let Marvel know he wanted to play the vampire hunter Blade. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
It's easy to forget that Disney now owns the rated R Deadpool. We likely won't have to wait long for him to appear in the MCU. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
A hired gun named Marc Spector, he's saved by Egyptian gods when left for dead in the desert and dons the mantle of Moon Knight. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner's cousin. And she gains his powers during a blood transfusion. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
Dominique Thorne will star as Riri Williams, a young savant who created her own version of the Iron Man armour at the age of 16. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
This show has James Rhodes, aka War Machine, dealing with the fallout of his old friend's technology falling into the wrong hands. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
This is a live-action version of one of the most famous comic storylines: Shape-shifting Skrulls have begun to infiltrate Earth. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
Alaqua Cox will star as Maya Lopez, aka Echo, in a new Disney+ series after the character debuts in the Hawkeye series. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
Kathryn Hahn will reprise her role as Agatha Harkness in her own series after she debuted as the villain in WandaVision. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
A second season of What If... is already in the works and it could come sooner than you'd expect. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
It's been confirmed that Loki will return for a second season in the credits of the season finale for the first season. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
The series will be Marvel's first adaptation of the X-Men since reacquiring the rights. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
What if MCU, but Walking Dead. This animated series will see Earth's mightiest heroes confronted with a zombie apocalypse. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
This animated series will see a young Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
What was Groot like when he was just a little sapling? This series of original shorts will explore Groot's childhood. (Release date: Unannounced.) (image credit: Disney)
This isn't confirmed. But Phase 4 was announced without a big team-up. So, we're at least four years away from the new Avengers film. (Release date: Unknown.) (image credit: Marvel Comics)
This isn't confirmed. But Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox means Marvel owns the rights to the X-Men. (Release date: Unknown.) (image credit: Marvel Comics)
This isn't confirmed. But, in End Game, Black Widow mentions earthquakes in the ocean. Does this hint at the debut of the Sub-Mariner? (Release date: Unknown.) (image credit: Marvel Comics)
Morbius is next from the extended Spider-Man Universe coming to the MCU. It's about a doctor who turns himself into a vampire. (Release date:  28 January 2022.) (image credit: Sony/Marvel)

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