Pixar Theory movie order: The best order to watch Pixar movies

In an alternate Earth history with no asteroid impact, a timid Apatosaurus must find his way home with a primitive human child.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Millions of years after The Good Dinosaur, Scottish princess Merida rebels from her mother when she's forced to marry one of her father's allies. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
The Incredibles are set in the 1950s. They're a classic nuclear family, except that each family member has their own superpower.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Luca tells the story of a sea monster in 1959 who turns human when above water. When he's forced to choose between the worlds, he chooses the surface. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
This sequel picks right up after the first film and sees the Incredibles still fighting to re-enter normal public life.   (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
This classic Pixar film is set in the 1990s. It answers a question every child wonders: What if my toys are alive? (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
This sequel is set the year it came out. It shows the start of the toys resenting their humans. This bubbling resentment also extends toward the animal world. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Mei Lee is a normal 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl in 2002 - until she wakes up one morning and sees she's turned into a gigantic red panda.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Finding Nemo is set right after the Two Story films. It centers on a clownfish named Marlin trying to find his son Nemo who was abducted by a diver. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Finding Dory takes place right after the first film. It sees Marlin and Nemo set out to find their friend Dory after she's taken to the Marine Life Institute. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Ratatouille occurs years after Finding Dory. It tells the story of Remy the rat who dreams of becoming a world-class chef in Paris. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
The third Toy Story film, set 11 years after the sequel, sees Andy's toys struggle with the fact that their grown-up owner is heading off to college. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Toy Story 4, which follows the third installment, sees the toys head on a road trip with their new owner Bonnie where they encounter some of their old friends.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
After his wife passes away, Carl sets out to accomplish their dream of visiting a South American jungle oasis known as Paradise Falls. Up is set around 2009. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Inside Out, set in the modern-day, shows an inside look at the brain of a teenager named Riley and the emotions that control her. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Set in the modern-day, Miguel dreams of being a musician, but is cursed when he steals the guitar of a dead relative and is taken to the Land of the Dead. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Soul is another Pixar film set in the modern day. It shows us what the afterlife is like in the Pixar universe, along with what the pre-life is like as well. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Cars takes place a century from now, when cars have become sentient beings, and racing is their favorite sport.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Cars 2, a direct sequel, sees Lightning McQueen enter the World Grand Prix, but the races begin to be attacked by a car known as Zundapp. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Cars 3 sees an aging Lightning McQueen struggling to keep up with the younger cars. After a wreck, he's forced to train to defeat a new champ, Jackson Stone.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Wall-E is set in 2800 and centers around a lonely robot who spent 700 years cleaning up a wrecked Earth when a pretty new robot, Eve, arrives on a spaceship. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
A Bug's Life moves forward another century. It sees Flik trying to help his ant colony by recruiting other bugs to stand up to grasshoppers taking their food.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Onward is set between the end of A Bug's Life and the monster-ruled future. It's about two teenage elves who use magic to see their deceased father one last time. (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc that shows how Mike and Sully become best friends in college, despite hating one another.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Monsters Inc is set around year 5000. It sees the best child scarer Sully, and his partner Mike, uncover a secret that is makes scaring children obsolete.  (image credit: Disney/Pixar)