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(Pocket-lint) - Contrary to recent reports, Disney might not be pulling its content from Netflix. The Marvel films and TV series, along with the Star Wars films in the US, could stay on the platform beyond 2019.

At present, Netflix has the exclusive rights to Disney's Marvel content worldwide and Star Wars in the States, but it was revealed last week that Disney is planning its own, rival streaming platform - separate to the UK's DisneyLife service for kids.

It was expected to switch all content to the new service from 2019, but new reports state that the two companies are still in talks, with the potential of Netflix retaining some Disney content beyond the launch of an alternative platform.

Disney originally announced its intention to withdraw content from Netflix during an earnings report on 8 August. It revealed that it will launch its own rival in 2019, separate to the ESPN streaming service it is also developing and DisneyLife.

And after months of speculation about whether Disney would ultimately acquire Netflix, the entertainment conglomerate confirmed it will end its brief partnership with Netflix within the next two years.

There was one flicker of hope at the time, Disney CEO Bob Iger said his company could choose to continue to license some titles to streaming services. However, it was clear that Disney intends to ultimately cut out the middle man. It announced it bought a majority stake in BAMTech and that's a significant step towards autonomy in the streaming sector.

Taking control of that streaming tech company is a "big strategic shift" for Disney, Iger told CNBC. Furthermore, in a statement, Disney revealed consumers can expect its upcoming streaming service to include new Disney films and other movies from the Disney library as well as Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD programming. It's unclear how this will affect DisneyLife.

DisneyLife is Disney's own subscription service in the UK - where you can not only watch the studio's movies and TV shows on demand, streamed to phones, tablets, computers, and TVs, but also gain access to an extensive library of eBooks, audio books, and music. A subscription to DisneyLife costs £4.99 per month, and currently, there are no plans to launch DisneyLife outside of Europe.

As we mentioned earlier, ESPN content won't be accessible on Disney's new service. Instead, you'll need to subscribe to ESPN's upcoming streaming service, which will feature content from MLB, NHL, MLS, collegiate events, and tennis Grand Slams. Disney-owned ESPN plans to stream about 10,000 sporting events every year and will even let you to buy individual sport packages, such as MLB.TV.

Writing by Elyse Betters and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 9 August 2017.