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(Pocket-lint) - Disney has always been active on streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, with many of its movies available to view as part of a subscription. However, it has also been steadily growing its own, standalone streaming service since launching it almost two years ago.

DisneyLife is available as an app on multiple platforms and it provides access to a wealth of Disney movies, TV shows and much more, all for a monthly subscription fee.

And unlike Netflix and Amazon Video, you can also download Disney content to view offline, so it could be an ideal way to keep the kids happy on long car journeys or during your summer holidays.

Here then is everything you need to know about DisneyLife.

What is DisneyLife?

DisneyLife is Disney's own subscription service where you can not only watch the studio's movies and TV shows on demand, streamed to phones, tablets, computers and TVs, but also gain access to an extensive library of eBooks, audio books and music.

The service now also allows you to watch the live broadcasts of three of its TV channels: Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior.

All content is available both to watch, read or listen to online. The on demand movies and shows are also available to download for offline use. That makes it ideal for travelling, giving countless hours of Disney entertainment for young ones to enjoy on a plane, train or any other kind of vehicle. It also gives them something to watch while on holiday during a lull moment.

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Where is DisneyLife available?

There are DisneyLife apps available for iOS and Android devices. The service can also be accessed through a computer using a web browser, by visiting disneylife.co.uk.

The mobile applications are also AirPlay and Chromecast-enabled, so you can send or cast content to a respective device for playing on a television, be that through Apple TV or a Google Chromecast stick. Apple TV also has its own dedicated DisneyLife app.

Amazon Fire tablets also have DisneyLife apps ready for download. Amazon Fire TV boxes and the streaming stick can also access the service, as can Android TV devices, such as the Nvidia Shield TV.

At present, while you can watch TV shows and movies on demand on all supported devices, music and books are only available on tablets and phones.

Live TV is currently not available on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How much does DisneyLife cost?

A subscription to DisneyLife costs £4.99 per month these days (half the price it was originally) but the first seven days are free as part of a trial. There is no contracted period you are locked to, so you can cancel your subscription at any time, just paying for the month still outstanding. This means you can cancel the subscription before the end of the trial period and not have to pay a penny for that month.

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How many devices can I register for DisneyLife?

Up to 10 different devices can be registered on one DisneyLife account and six separate profiles can be created for different members of the family. And as the service has pick-up where you last left off functionality, each child can carry on their own shows and films without fear that another family member might lose their place.

Up to four devices can also stream content over a home network concurrently.

Are there parental controls on DisneyLife?

There are simple to follow but effective parental controls, which include setting a content filter to limit access to films, shows, books and music through certification (U, PG and 12 - this is Disney after all).

Parents can also set time limits on how long a child is able to access the app. And each profile's parental controls can be set independently.

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What kind of content is available on DisneyLife?

As well as TV series box-sets for shows that usually appear on the Disney Channel, Disney XD or Disney Jnr, a healthy library of Disney classic animated films are available, as are almost all of Pixar's movies. There are also films from the Disney archives, including those starring Herbie, the VW Beetle. And even the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are available.

There are over 100 books available, with a mixture of digital kids books and audio books. There is a variety of different titles, starring Disney characters, that even include staged-reading for kids of all ages.

Entire music albums can be downloaded or streamed through the app - and yep, that includes the Frozen soundtrack.

Basically, for Disney fans there is a hell of a lot of content.

Is DisneyLife also available in the US?

Sadly, there are currently no plans to launch DisneyLife outside of Europe. If that changes, we'll let you know.

Writing by Rik Henderson.