(Pocket-lint) - Tomorrowland is Disney's latest live action movie all about, you guessed it, the future. To fit in with that theme it's been shot and edited to look better on one of the most high-tech cinemas in the world, IMAX.

We've secured a short video feature with the film's director – The Incredibles director Brad Bird - and cast, explaining why Tomorrowland is best seen on IMAX.

The film was shot entirely on digital cameras before being digitally re-mastered to optimise it for IMAX.

The screen at an IMAX is larger than a normal cinema screen, specifically in height. While a normal screen can display a 2:40:1 aspect ratio the IMAX manages 1:9:1 CinemaScope, which is 16 per cent more picture. So while you'll lose the top and bottom of the image in a normal cinema you'll see far more at IMAX.


Since this is a magical film which takes a positive look at the future, and all its technological advances – like jetpacks – the immersive experience is key. The IMAX Digital Remastering of audio should also make for a film that pulls the audience away from reality for the duration.

Tomorrowland stars George Clooney and will be released on 22 May at IMAX cinemas as well as normal screens.

Check out the video to hear more and see stunning footage from the movie.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.