Disney has released perhaps one of the best apps we've used in ages. And it's free.

Show Your Disney Side is available for iOS and it provides plenty of fun for kids and adults who want to make a different kind of selfie image or video.

It's part of the Disney's Parks experience and as such gives you a whole stack of different characters to turn yourself or your children into. You can then share the results on social media channels.

And that in itself is a huge danger. Just take a look at the video below and you'll immediately realise why.

Grown men with beards should stay well clear of Frozen's female cast (generally, and in the app).

It's great fun though and very easy to use. Just take a selfie that lines up with the markers on screen, adjust the eye and mouth position holders and choose a character. You are then rendered in a quasi-3D way. It's even animated, as you can see.

Disneythis is the most disturbing disney frozen video you re likely to see today image 2

You can then record video, share it or even use the same image to change yourself into a number of the different Disney Parks characters on offer, including Darth Maul, an X-Wing Fighter, pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Maleficent and plenty of others.

Great fun for all the family. Just avoid men with beards.