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(Pocket-lint) - Disney has launched a free app and website called Disney Movies Anywhere, and it serves up all the Disney, Pixel, and Marvel digital films you have already bought or want to buy.

Disney Movies Anywhere, which is accessible from the web, a computer, or an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, works with Apple TV and iTunes. That means any Disney films previously purchased through iTunes will sync and appear in the library of Disney's new app. There's no confirmation on whether support for Android is in the works.

If you begin using Disney Movies Anywhere today, Disney will - for a limited time - give you a free digital copy of The Incredibles. Just activate Disney's app and connect it to your iTunes account. Also, if you have specific DVDs or Blu-Rays of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films, you can redeem a code found on their backs and download a digital copy.

Disney Movies Anywhere therefore lets you buy and store Disney, Pixel, and Marvel digital films for streaming, including more than 400 titles like Iron Man 3 and Mary Poppins, but it's also a one-stop shop for all your Disney films purchased through iTunes and supported DVDs and Blu-Rays. This is a significant transition for a company that notoriously keeps its films under lock and key.

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Apart from being a cloud-based purchase and storage service, Disney Movies Anywhere also provides control tools to parents. Specifically, as reported by TechCrunch, parents can designate MPAA restrictions such as blocking all PG-13 films from their kids' mobile devices. 

The app isn't yet available in the UK App Store. We've contacted the company to find out more. Stay tuned.

Writing by Elyse Betters.