YouTube and the Walt  Disney company have joined forces in order to bring both companies a greater share of the online children's market. Disney bringing a much-needed child-friendly factor to YouTube, and YouTube giving Disney a cooler edge.

The video deal, in fact, is quite small: Disney Interactive Media and YouTube bringing a combined $10 million to $15 million to a new Disney-produced video series. This will then be aired on a co-branded YouTube Disney channel.

The decision for the teamup comes as Disney struggles to attract children to its site and losing a fair wad of cash in the process - $300 million over the last year.

It is hoped that the YouTube/Disney deal will improve their standing with both children and parents. On the one hand you have Disney that suffers from a lack of cool, meaning kids aren't all that keen to visit, whilst YouTube isn't thought of as child-friendly.

Having the two brands join forces might solve the issue. It's marketing at its best/worst: change absolutely nothing and hope the simplicity of brand association will act as a catalyst to attract the punters, as well as advertisers.

"It’s an acknowledgement that we want to work with the best brands and, yes, we expect this partnership to attract new advertisers," said Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s global head for content partnerships.

With films, a wide range of new entertainment channels, as well as the traditional users posts; YouTube continues to widen its programme spectrum. And this new deal will be somewhat of a litmus test of how wide YouTube's content can be taken.

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