Lovefilm and The Walt Disney Company have signed a deal that brings Disney movie and TV content to the rental service's streaming platform. Older titles will be available to watch as part of a subscription package, while newer films will initially be Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) - pay per view.

More than fifty movies, such as National Treasure, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Dead Poets Society, can be viewed through either Lovefilm's online website, the dedicated application on PlayStation 3, or a variety of connected TVs and Blu-ray players from Samsung and Sony. They are available to stream for no extra cost as part of an existing subscription.

The deal also includes more recent titles (and those yet to be released), like Tron: Legacy and the forthcoming animated classic Tangled. However, these will cost a minimum of £3.49 and be available to watch for a two day window after purchase.

Unfortunately, at present, TVOD content is not available through connected devices, such as PS3, TVs and BD decks. Currently, pay per view content can only be viewed on a PC or Mac. You could always hook a laptop to your TV though.

The rental company, which was recently acquired by Amazon, is also looking to expand its streaming service further: "Our customers will be excited to have even more great films alongside our existing physical and digital titles," said chief executive Simon Calver. "We look forward to working with Disney across new products as we expand our service."