The home versions of Toy Story 3 have been announced, in numerous combinations, but there's to be no 3D Blu-ray version this year.

Available in Double Play (Blu-ray and DVD), Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Edition) and DVD-only releases, Toy Story 3 will be out on 22 November, in plenty of time to hit the busy Christmas period. However, while the movie was shown in 3D in cinemas worldwide, it will not be available in that format in the home.

It is believed that Disney, in a similar way to Twentieth Century Fox's Avatar strategy, wants to wait until it sees how much demand there is in shops for 3D Blu-ray before unleashing a compatible version of its biggest title of the year. Therefore it will cash in with 2D discs for now, with a three-dimensional release further down the line.

Unfortunately, though, it could be generating a catch-22 scenario, as 3D Blu-ray is waiting for massive titles, such as Toy Story 3 and Avatar, to give it the impetus it needs.

As states, most 3D Blu-ray titles on the build-up to Christmas are exclusively tied-in with specific manufacturers. Disney's own Alice in Wonderland and Bolt are Sony exclusives, while How to Train your Dragon and the Shrek movies, including Shrek 4, are allied to Samsung - as revealed by Pocket-lint.

And Panasonic has signed Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Universal’s Coraline. All of which leaving current 3D TV owners with little to see on their screens.

If this continues, the only way you'll get to see new 3D movies is by trading with a friend who has different hardware to yourself. And that's hardly ideal.

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