Disney has announced that it's going to be the first movie studio to release a 3D movie with subtitles. And not just flat subtitles either - the letters will be in full 3D too. The company claims that the technology to do this has only just become available.

The film that'll be getting the subtitles is "A Christmas Carol". It's taken £9.5m at the UK box office, with 79% of those takings coming from 3D screens, however those screenings were previously inaccessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. That stands at odds with Disney's membership of the UK film industry's Disability Working Group.

Disney Studio's technical executive director, Saul Mahoney, told Pocket-lint that the company has "worked with the UK film industry and charities representing people with hearing or sight loss, to ensure that the 3D cinema experience can be enjoyed by as many people as possible".

The subtitled screenings are starting from 29 November, and available in cinemas across the UK - you can check for your nearest one at accessible cinema site Your Local Cinema.