Denon, never one to shy away from releasing products with scary price tags, has announced it is to launch the £3k-plus DVD-A1UD Blu-ray player.

Why the sky-high price? Well, aside from the usual mumbles about reference class this and audiophile that, it's what the company is claiming to be the world's first "universal" Blu-ray player.

Due to launch in March 2009, the new flagship player will play Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio as well as DVD-Video and CDs.

For those who aren't in the know with fairly obscure audio formats, SACD was an attempt to create a kind of high-def CD by Sony, not a success, there have only been around 5000 releases. Ever. DVD-Audio is SACD's rival and has likely seen even less.

Hirofumi Ichikawa, president of Denon said: "We urge all devotees of home entertainment systems to experience the best that Blu-ray as well as DVD-Video/Audio, Super Audio CD, and CD can offer".

The DVD-A1UD will launch with a suggested retail price of £3,299, which means no amount of urging will get us reaching for the credit card.