Denon has unveiled what it is claiming is a true "high-end Blu-ray source", the DVD-2500BT.

The new £900 machine comes with buzzwords that most of us will understand, however if you are keen to boast to your friends that you've got one you'll be able to say stuff like:

"The £900 machine is in fact a transport, meaning it concentrates on reading the Blu-ray disc, without decoding it", and "It outputs video and digital audio signals via a version 1.3a HDMI port, supporting Deep Colour and 1080/24p output for a full cinematic experience".

What it really means is that you'll need an extra bit of kit, a decoder, and Denon hopes you'll opt for one of its AV receivers to via a single HDMI output.

According to Denon, the DVD-2500BT features a unique drive mechanism that Denon specifically developed for use with Blu-ray discs, and if that wasn't enough to further protect the internal disc space from magnetic influences, dust, and external noise, Denon improved its mechanism unit from previous DVD players by adding a shield to the bottom and top of the unit to create an ideal playback environment inside.

What's all this mean to you? Well, Denon say you'll have the best Blu-ray player out there.

The DVD-2500BT will available now in three colour versions: black, silver and premium silver, fitting every Denon A/V receiver colour available.