more affordable model than the £2k AVR-4308, Denon has launched the AVR-3808 that's said to share many of the features, but with a £1299.99 price tag.

It features Denon's latest "wave" style industrial design, heavyweight "battleship" build and claims to enable outstanding picture and sound quality.

It's a spec-heavy beast, so here's a run down:

Features Overview:
- HDMI 1.3a
- HD Video
- HD Audio
- iPod
- Internet Radio
- PC/Mac and USB Music & Photo streaming
- Easier to use than ever before, with a new photo-real
graphical interface and ergonomic control layout
- Better sound quality than any previous Denon 3800 AVR,
greater ease-of use, total connectivity and multi-zone

High Definition Sound & Vision:
- HDMI 1.3a repeater with 4 inputs
- Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoders (HDMI 1.3a)
- Deep Colour and xvYCC support (HDMI 1.3a)
- Auto Lip Sync (HDMI 1.3a)
- Analogue and digital video upscaling to 1080p
- DenonLink3 ultra-high-speed audio interface

Connectivity & Future-ready Expandability
- Full Networking with Ethernet Built-in
- Selectable USB ports (Front/Rear)
- iPod Ready (using optional Denon ASD-1R)
- Music streaming from PC & Mac
AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA lossless, FLAC
- Photo streaming (JPEG)
- PC setup and control via Ethernet
- Remote diagnosis, update and upgrade
- Internet Radio V2.0 extended - 7000 + stations
- Network setup (Web Control) function
- Up to 3 zone room-to-room capability

Sound Quality
- Identical quality and 160 watts for all 7 channels
- 3 independent power transformers
- 9 independent power supply circuits
- Denon's Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit HD
- Denon proprietary Advanced AL24 Plus
- New audiophile chassis construction design
- Compressed Audio Restorer for MP3/AAC etc
- Pure Direct/Direct/Stereo for digital/analogue inputs

Ease of Use
- New photo-real Graphical User Interface
- Front panel setup possible as well
- Unified music interface for iPod and all streaming
- Auto set-up and Room EQ
- Highest Spec MultEQ XT from Audyssey
- New guided back panel layout
- Two remote controls for Main and Sub Zones