Want a quality DVD player that upscales to 1080p for £250? Then take a look at Denon's DVD-1940 as it does exactly that.

An update on the previous model, this now offers an eco-friendly standby mode, DiVX playback certification and
12bit 216MHz video DACs to ensure the picture looks good on older screens.

The Faroudja FLi2301 DCDi chipset provides an improved film mode and de-interlacing, and there are five "image mode" memories that enable users to fine-tune picture quality to their particular preference.

A clear front panel, display and large control buttons with a logical layout is all designed to make the device easy to use while all key operational features are accessible on the front panel, with no need to delve into menus.

The DVD-1940 plays CD, SACD and DVD-AUDIO discs and CDR/RW discs carrying MP3, WMA and MP3-VBR files.

It will be available in both black and silver and is available now for £249.99.