Denon has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the concept design that surfaced on the internet on Friday is a fake, however the company has said that "Denon has done some very cool lifestyle in the past and will do so in the future".

The news comes on the back of the release of a new network Wi-Fi 7.1 AV receiver which is due out in September.

The new player, called the Denon AVR-4308DAB - HD Network Wi-Fi 7.1 AV receiver to give it its full name, will cost in the region of £2000 and is the first AV product to feature Denon's new "wave" style industrial design, which Denon says "brings a softer sleeker look to Denon Home Cinema".

Key features include HDMI 1.3a repeater with two HDMI outputs, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoders (HDMI 1.3a), Deep Colour and xvYCC support (HDMI 1.3a), and Auto Lip Sync (HDMI 1.3a).

While sound stats include identical quality and power for all 7 channels, 140W x 7ch, Denon's Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit, Denon proprietary Advanced AL24 for all channels, Faroudja chip to up-scale to 1080P, New audiophile chassis construction design, Compressed Audio Restorer and a DAB tuner - the first for a Denon AV receiver.

The on connectivity front, the AV4308 sports Wi-Fi and Ethernet Built-in, Denon's DenonLink ultra-high-speed audio interface, USB ports, iPod ready via Denon's ASD-1R dock, music streaming from PC and Mac AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA lossless), FLAC, Jpeg photo streaming, and support for Internet Radio.

The concept design however suggested that included a Blu-ray player, 2TB of storage and iTunes compatibility of some sort.