Denon has announced the imminent availability of their DHT-FS3 X-Space Surround Bar.

Comprising of a bar speaker that offers wrap-around surround sound and a subwoofer for oomph, this delivers 150 watts of cinematic audio.

Coming in a glossy piano black, with a £700 price tag, this new product will give you an easy way to instantly improve the sound of your flat screen TV.

With ease of use that your Gran could cope with, a Denon spokesperson has christened it "Plonk and Play" as all
you do is plonk the unit down in front of, or under, your screen, plug in the power, plug in the DVD player and play.

All the usual Denon tech wizardry is at play here including advanced DSP chips running Denon's new X-SPACE Surround programme plus support for Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II.

Denon's DHT-FS3 X-Space Surround Bar and super slim subwoofer will be available from August.