Denon’s high-end DVD player, the 3930, is now available in the UK, and offers upscaling technology as an alternative to next-generation hi-def technology.

The player, which at £1100 costs more than HD-DVD and Blu-ray players will cost in the UK, is designed for the discerning DVD watcher. HQV Picture Improvement circuitry enhances DVD picture and applies 1080p upscaling; it’s the same technology used by US Hi-Def TV networks, apparently.

It also incorporates high-end audio technology for fantastic surround sound capability. The device itself has anti-vibration construction with a leap of 2Kg over its predecessor the 3910, and features a double-layer lid, triple layer bottom, and heavy transport structure.

It features an HDMI input, new user interface for improved on-screen displayer, Keystone function, vertical and horizontal adjustment for HDMI signals, high-speed 14-bit 216MHz video DAV, 15 picture quality adjustments, and two 24-bit, 192kHz differential operation D/A converters.

For connectivity it offers all the input and output sockets you could possibly want, and plays back all DVD and CD discs.