Denon, Japan’s oldest hi-fi company, has launched what it is claiming is its "largest, heaviest [it weights 44kg], most powerful and most flexible AV amplifier to date".

The new 1080p web-enabled behemoth promises to be the centre of the HD multoi-media home as long as you've got £4800 to spare.

So what do you get for your cash? For starters, all video sources can be upscaled to a 1080p HDMI output, plus the unit is capable of streaming your MP3 music files stored on your PC via its web-enabled connection.

However where the Amp promises to perform is via the inclusion of THX Ultra2 support and 20-Channel Multi-Zone Audio & Video support.

Those worried about running out of HDMI sockets for their HD set up will also be pleased to see the new unit offers five HDMI inputs with HDMI Monitor Out, plus DVI-HDCP input and DVI-HDCP Monitor Out.

Other features include the ability to use the amp in two different rooms at the same time, and the ability to tune into over 2300 internet radio stations.

The AVC-A1XVA goes on sale later this month for around £4800.